Sunday, October 16, 2016

Curb Appeal

LisaLogic:  If  YOU don't appeal to YOU, then what the hell makes YOU think YOU will appeal to someone else? IJS.

Bottomline, not every one wants a fixer-upper. Hell I don't need a another project so fix ya damn self. Learn to love you. Be sexy for you. Trust me, as you work on you, the progress will be duly noted by more than you can imagine.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What to believe…?
Now I know I’ve sort of been out of the game for a moment but has it come to this?
Recently, I had a most interesting interaction with “Tim” (yeah that sounds good…lol).  The conversation went from current events to bullshit in 2.5 seconds. WTF? We started with sports, one of my favorite topics and the next thing I knew Tim commenced to tell me how if I played nice, I could possibly be the woman of his dreams.  WHAT? I’m so confused. Was this a line? Was I supposed to drop my panties and say “please take me now”?

Have we as women made it so easy for men that they feel as if any old raggedy ass line will draw us in? Before I realized, I burst into mad laughter. “Surely” I thought “he’s making a funny”.  Oops, Tim never cracked a smile as a matter of fact he seemed light weight offended that I found humor in his proposal.  Now I’m not a snob, OK I have tendencies but as a general rule I’m not, but what made him think he was worthy of even being a part of my “Fabulous Five” (a story for another day) let alone my man; seriously?  Tim even asked “what’s so funny”? Mistake on his part; I couldn’t hold back my brutally honest response.  “What the hell makes you think I want to be your ‘Dream Woman’ and at what point where you deemed the ideal man? The last time I dreamed you were not a part of it as a matter of fact if I saw you in my sleep it would have definitely been a nightmare”.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident as a matter of fact I find a confident man to be quite sexy but when you cross the line into the land of arrogance you become so very unattractive.  Tim instantly became downright ugly. He is a string of ghetto stereotypes; barely working, living in your mama’s basement, cellphone in your ex-girls name stereotype.  Yeah, he is just what I need in my life. What ever happened to a dream deferred? It died on the couch in his mother’s basement.

Happy as hell to move on to the next one…

Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Run In

OK folks, I think the "Fall Cling" bug is starting to nibble of my better judgement. If you don't know what "Fall Cling" is check out my blog from 10/12/11. I ran into friend from way back and the first thought was "I wonder if he is any good in the sack?" Since we never went that route in years past all I can do is wonder.  OK, just say "No".  He was looking quite tempting! I wonder...hummmm.  Don't do it. Damn...on to the next one.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What the Hell…

What the Hell…

 Went for a walk at lunch time just to get some “air in my butt” (as my daddy use to say) and two married men hit on me.  What the Hell…is there a sign on my forehead that reads” yes I accept 2nd best.” Are you F*@!ing kidding me?  I didn’t like to share my toys as kid, now I’m a bigger kid, do you think that has changed…uh NO!  Sorry I’m a little too spoiled for that.  Damn is that what it’s come to these days? Men are something else!  On to the next one…

Thursday, September 22, 2011

People Watching...

On this past Sunday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the girls as we attended an outdoor concert.  We had appetizers, drinks and lots of conversation; however the interesting aspect of it was being able to people watch.  It is amazing at times the things you see.  I often wonder do people have mirrors in their homes.  Its obvious that folks have their own unique style but sometimes I do believe there is a tendency to dress for shock value. For the ladies, the outfits ranged from your classic jeans and tops to "let’s look naked to see if anyone noticed".  There was this purple collage looking thing that floated past on numerous occasions that made me wonder if that is what the sky would look like if I was a drug user.  Fellas, you are not off the hook by a long shot.  I saw Sunday-go-to-meeting suits and Grandpas in throwback Jerseys. Realizing these days you can be a Grandparent at 35 and a Great Grand Parent at 50, I’m really referring to those over the age of 45 who actually think they look “cool” rocking a jersey with matching Nikes.  Stop the madness.  In any case the clothes were quite interesting. 

Now what really struck a chord with me beyond the barrage of fashion debacles were the number of former dates/love interest/ex’s I saw go pass.  Realizing Louisville is quite small, what the hell?  Never do we ever travel in the same circles so seeing these individuals was somewhat of a shock to the system.  Thinking of each, I was definitely going through a different stage in my life.  There is absolutely nothing similar about these men. There’s Big Country, Sexy Black & Fake Drake.  I’ll let the fourth one remain nameless. Some things are just better left anonymous.  I have to wonder, if the opportunity presented itself as a second chance would I go for it?  Considering the person I am today that would be a resounding HELL NO! Now granted each of them may have change just as I have but from a bird’s eye view no.  Thank God for the past it makes the future much more appealing.

On to the next one!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just a thought

Ok, did I just break one of my own rules?  I met a guy a few weeks ago. Extremely good looking, about 6'2 or 6'3 but thin.  Does height make up for width?  Normally if your waist is smaller than my thigh, I must pass you by...silly I know.  I think this country boy has something to offer me.

Hum...what the hell, nothing like the thrill of trying something different. I'm all about trying shit!!!!